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User:Keikei14/Sandbox/List of Songs in Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE!

From Sekaipedia

The following is a list of all songs available in Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE!

List[edit source]

Name Producer Date Added 3DPV?
Just Be Friends Dixie Flatline TBA Unknown
Sweet Magic Junky TBA Yes
Viva Happy Mitchie M TBA Unknown
Miracle Paint OSTER Project TBA Unknown
Rettou Joutou GigaP
Lyrics by REOL
Roki MikotoP TBA Yes
Aoku Kakero! marasy TBA Unknown
Happy Synthesizer EasyPop TBA Yes
Jishou Mushoku nekobolo TBA Yes
Tell your World kz TBA Yes
Blessing halyosy TBA Unknown
Teo omoi TBA Unknown
Patchwork Staccato Toa TBA Unknown

New Songs[edit source]

Several producers have been commissioned to make songs for Project SEKAI. Some titles of these songs are currently unknown[1].

References[edit source]

  2. PinocchioP Official Channel | Youtube [1]
  3. Neru OFFICIAL | Youtube [2]
  4. Mafumafu Channel | Youtube [3]
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