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Attribute gem

From Sekaipedia
Attribute gem
EnglishAttribute gem
Item Description
A valuable item with many uses.

Attribute gem refers to a group of items used for various things in-game. Such as, unlocking card side stories, training cards and upgrading area items.

It is a more valuable version of attribute pieces, and is more difficult to obtain aswell as necessary for higher level side stories and area items. There are six sub-types of attribute gems - cool, cute, happy, mysterious and pure - same as attribute pieces. There is additionally one more, miracle gems, which don't have an attribute piece alternative.

Attribute gems are obtainable through live shows (solo, multi and cheerful), challenge lives, event exchange, event missions, the crystal shop and the kakera exchange shop.

Sub-types[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Attribute
Miracle Gem N/A
Cool Gem
Cute Gem
Happy Gem
Mysterious Gem
Pure Gem

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