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Vocal card (Tsukasa)

From Sekaipedia
Vocal card (Tsukasa)
RomajiTsukasa no bookaru kaado
EnglishTsukasa's vocal card
Item Description
Can be exchanged for Tsukasa's Another Vocal ver. song. You can get them as a character rank reward.

Vocal card (Tsukasa) is an item that is used to purchase alternative vocals at the song store. Vocal cards are obtained through character rank milestones or by exchanging a vocal card exchange ticket or vocal card exchange ticket (Wonderlands×Showtime).

Currently, the vocal card can be exchanged for alternate vocals featuring Tenma Tsukasa in the following songs:

  • Buriki no Dance
  • Chururira Chururira Daddadda!
  • Tondemo Wonders
  • KING
  • Gunjou Sanka
  • Nonsense Bungaku
  • fixer
  • 88☆彡
  • Journey
  • NEO

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