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Permanent gacha seal

From Sekaipedia
Permanent gacha seal
EnglishPermanent gacha sticker
Item Description

Permanent gacha seals are an item that can be used to spark on permanent gachas.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

One pull in a permanent gacha will earn you one corresponding seal of that gacha's type. With few exceptions, each gacha has its own unique seal type. For example, in Memories of the Starry Night Sky Gacha, you will obtain only "Memories of the Starry Night Sky Gacha" seals that can only be used on that gacha's seal exchange page.

How to use[edit | edit source]

In the gacha seal exchange, 300 permanent gacha seals may be exchanged for any of the banner focus cards. You can also choose to convert 10 of your permanent gacha seals into a Gacha seal exchange ticket for use on any permanent gacha. On 2022/05/31, the option to exchange 1 seal for 5 Fragment of feelings was also added to all future gacha seal exchange pages, beginning with Graceful Marriage Gacha.

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