Vocal card exchange ticket

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Vocal card exchange ticket
RomajiBookaru kaado koukan chiketto
EnglishVocal card exchange ticket
Item Description

Vocal card exchange ticket are used to exchange for any vocal card. During events that do not feature any unit (i.e. mixed), this exchange ticket may be purchased in the event shop for 10,000 event coins. In the 2nd anniversary, their cost was increased to 30,000 event coins.

This exchange ticket can be exchanged for any of the following vocal cards:

How to exchange tickets[edit | edit source]

To exchange any type of vocal card exchange, follow these steps:

  1. Menu (three bars, top right corner)
  2. 交換所 (2nd option)
  3. チケット交換所 (4th option)
  4. ボーカルカード (2nd option)