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Gacha seal exchange ticket

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Gacha seal exchange ticket
RomajiGacha shiiru koukanken (10maibun)
EnglishGacha seal exchange ticket (for 10)
Item Description
Can be exchanged for a gacha seal of your choice. You can get them at the gacha seal exchange.

Gacha seal exchange tickets are an item that allows you to effectively bank permanent gacha seals for use on future gacha banners. They cannot be used on birthday or limited gacha banners.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

In the gacha seal exchange, you can choose to convert 10 of your gacha seals into a gacha seal exchange ticket. This can only be done 10 times per banner, meaning a total of 100 seals can be converted.

How to use[edit | edit source]

When sparking, you are given the option to use your gacha seal exchange tickets to count towards your gacha seal count. Only a total of 10 tickets may be used per spark, effectively reducing the minimum number of seals required for the spark to 200.

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