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This page contains the list of Hatsune Miku cards, broken down by rarity and ordered by release date.

1☆ cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateSkill
The Songstress Everyone Knows Cute2020-09-30Scorer

2☆ cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateSkill
Classroom Sekai Cute2020-09-30Scorer
Stage Sekai Cool2020-09-30Scorer
Street Sekai Pure2020-09-30Healer
Wonderland Sekai Happy2020-09-30Perfect locker
Uninhabited Sekai Mysterious2020-09-30Scorer
The Slothful, Sleepless Widow Happy2021-12-13Scorer
Watching Over the Very First Feelings Cute2022-01-21Perfect locker
A Challenge for the Substitute Actor! Mysterious2022-04-11Healer
Miku Miku☆Gunner! Cool2022-07-21Perfect locker
Because of Those Dazzling Eyes Mysterious2023-08-10Perfect locker
Origin Style Pure2023-09-30Scorer
Brand New Classroom Cool2023-09-30Healer
Brand New Stage Happy2023-09-30Healer
Brand New Street Cute2023-09-30Scorer
Brand New Wonderland Mysterious2023-09-30Scorer
Brand New Empty Pure2023-09-30Perfect locker
By the Lakeside Cool2023-11-08Scorer

3☆ cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateSkill
Watchful Gaze Pure2020-09-30Healer
Where Could the Big Seashell Be? Mysterious2021-07-31Scorer
A Chat on the Rooftop Happy2021-08-31Perfect locker
The Top Idol of the Karuta World? Pure2021-12-31Perfect locker
Maybe Tickling Would Help? Cute2022-04-30Scorer
Feeling Down, Down, Down~ Cool2022-10-21Healer
A Senior's Gaze Cool2023-01-21Perfect locker
Good at Cooking? Happy2023-02-28Healer

4☆ cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateStatusSkill
The Grand Opening Cute2020-09-30PermanentScorer
Severed Strings Cool2020-10-20PermanentPerfect scorer
Let's Cheer! Pure2020-11-09PermanentPerfect scorer
Wonder☆Christmas! Cute2020-12-20PermanentPerfect locker
A Powerful Smile Pure2020-12-31PermanentScorer
Growing Timbre Pure2021-04-01PermanentHealer
In a Place Where Feelings Overlap Mysterious2021-10-01Colorful Festival limitedLife scorer
Even the Words You Don't Want to Hear Cool2021-10-11PermanentPerfect scorer
Straightforward Lyrics Cute2021-11-30PermanentPerfect scorer
Let Me Guide You to the Sekai's Dressing Room ♪ Pure2022-03-11PermanentPerfect locker
Among the Dancing Flower Petals in the Wind Happy2022-03-30Limited25-ji, Nightcord de. scorer
At the Very Least, to Me Pure2022-09-30Colorful Festival limitedCombo scorer
Overlapping Singing Voices Happy2022-11-11PermanentPerfect locker
First Time on the Street! Happy2023-03-30LimitedLeo/need scorer
A Foretaste of Yokohama Gourmet Through the Guidebook ♪ Mysterious2023-05-11PermanentHealer
The Sparkling Magic of Smiles Cute2023-08-31LimitedWonderlands×Showtime scorer
feat. Hello Kitty Mysterious2023-12-05LimitedScorer
Traces Left Behind by the Scars Pure2024-02-20PermanentHealer

Anniversary cards[edit | edit source]

ThumbnailCard nameAttributeRelease dateSkill
Happy Anniversary!! Happy2022-08-31Birthday scorer
Happy Anniversary!! 2023 Mysterious2023-08-31Birthday scorer
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