Azusawa Kohane

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Azusawa Kohane
Japanese小豆沢 こはね
RomajiAzusawa Kohane
EnglishKohane Azusawa
BirthdayMarch 2
Height156 cm
SchoolMiyamasuzaka Girls Academy (Class 2-A)
  • Looking after her dad’s pet snake
  • Photography
  • Being in public
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"I'm not running away anymore. Right here, right now, I've made my choice to sing!"
―Azusawa Kohane

Azusawa Kohane (小豆沢 こはね) is a second-year student at Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy. She's part of the street music group Vivid BAD SQUAD.

Background[edit | edit source]

One day, Kohane witnessed a jam session with Shiraishi An and her fellow musicians. She found herself captivated by the rap music and intense tempo of their music.

She is also Hanasato Minori's and Hinomori Shiho's classmate.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kohane has light brown eyes and blonde hair. Prior to joining Vivid BAD SQUAD, she had waist-length hair which she wore in low twintails. She also wore round glasses. After becoming a member of VBS, she later cut her hair to the shorter, shoulder-length hair she has now and wears her it in middle-length twintails. She also no longer wears her glasses.

Kohane's outfit consists of a grey shirt with the word "Smile" printed on it with a white collared shirt underneath, a pink, red, and white-colored oversized baseball jacket, and a short denim skirt with a long white belt with the word "ANGEL" printed along its length. She also wears a black and white cap backwards, a loose black choker with a small heart pendant, high-cut cream-colored sneakers and thigh-high grey socks with white stripes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Initially, Kohane was a bashful girl who lacked self-confidence and didn't like being in public. After joining Vivid BAD SQUAD, she became more open and brave. She slowly rebuilt her confidence and is no longer having problems with communicating.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Shiraishi An: Fellow group member. It was An who first introduced Kohane to the street style of music and encouraged her to start singing it herself. Before joining VBS, they made their own group called Vivids. Kohane is close friends and An encouraged Kohane to become more open to others.
  • Shinonome Akito: Fellow group member. Kohane noticed that he is rough on the outside, but if you get to know him, he is actually nice.
  • Aoyagi Toya: Fellow group member. Both Toya and Kohane had similar problems, which is that they can't verbally communicate well with others. After spending time together in VBS, they finally became good friends. They refer to each other by their last names still.
  • Hanasato Minori: Friends and classmate in class 1-A. It is shown that Minori was the first high school friend Kohane made, and vice versa. They both are on the animal care committee.
  • Hinomori Shiho: Fellow classmate in class 1-A.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kohane is one of the five group leaders in the game.
  • Kohane's voice actress Akina also voices the stuffed doll that appears in Wonderlands×Showtime main story.
  • Her dad's pet snake is named 'Count Pearl'.
  • She is a big fan of Phoenix Wonderland.
  • Prior to joining VBS, Kohane would wear glasses and had her hair a bit longer. After joining VBS, Kohane changed from glasses to contacts and cut her hair a bit shorter.
  • Kohane is frequently compared to a hamster.

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