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The Wise Ones' Grand Scheme Gacha

From Sekaipedia
The Wise Ones' Grand Scheme Gacha
RomajiSatoki Mono-tachi no Takurami Gacha
Gacha Information
Gacha ID207
Start date2022/05/10, 12:00 JST
End date2022/05/20, 11:59 JST
Gacha typePermanent
Has pity?Yes
  • Crystals
  • Paid crystals

The Wise Ones' Grand Scheme Gacha (聡き者達の企謀ガチャ, Satoki Mono-tachi no Takurami Gacha) is a gacha associated with the Heat Up! Kamiyama High Cheering Squad! event.

Gacha rates[edit | edit source]

Rarity Rate

Rate up cards[edit | edit source]

IDThumbnailCard nameCharacterStatusSkill
428Twilight's BrillianceKamishiro RuiPermanentScorer
429I'll Be Going First!Akiyama MizukiPermanentPerfect scorer
430Something That a Kappa Likes?Megurine LukaPermanentPerfect locker

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