Vivid BAD SQUAD - Premium Present Gacha

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Vivid BAD SQUAD - Premium Present Gacha
Japanese[Vivid BAD SQUAD]プレミアムプレゼントガチャ
Romaji[Vivid BAD SQUAD] Puremiamu Purezento Gacha
Gacha Information
Gacha ID129
Start date2021/10/04, 15:00 JST
End date2021/10/05, 14:59 JST
Gacha typePremium Present
Has pity?No
  • Paid crystals

Vivid BAD SQUAD - Premium Present Gacha ([Vivid BAD SQUAD]プレミアムプレゼントガチャ, [Vivid BAD SQUAD] Puremiamu Purezento Gacha) is a premium present gacha that is a part of the 1st Anniversary celebration and can only be purchased by using paid crystals. Through this gacha, players can acquire limited costumes, Street Casual Harness Belts and Hoodie Harness Belts. The costumes from this gacha can only be worn by members of Vivid BAD SQUAD and VIRTUAL SINGER. This gacha can only be pulled once by using 3000 paid crystals and after that, this gacha page will disappear.

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