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Proseka New Year's Livestream Relay (正月配信リレー) was a 3-day livestream, that started on January 1, 2022 and ended on January 3, 2022. During these streams, 19 challenges were held. 18 challenges were given out to participants to complete on stream, while the last challenge was given to everyone. Since all challenges were completed, players were given 2000 crystals.

The livestream can be found on YouTube.

Participants[edit | edit source]

DOLCE. Rhythm game player
Ruri Rhythm game player and first Proseka RAGE Tournament winner
Mita Kousuke Rhythm game player
Yoshioka Mayu Seiyuu of Kiritani Haruka
Honnizumi Rina Seiyuu of Hinomori Shizuku
Matsumaru Ryogo YouTuber, puzzle solver, and TV personality
sasakure.UK VocaloP
Ichinose LUPO VocaloP and producer of alive, a Proseka NEXT winner
irucaice VocaloP and producer of Brand New Day, a Proseka NEXT winner
Eli Conifer VTuber
Akina Seiyuu of Azusawa Kohane
Momosuzu Nene VTuber
Uzaki Uso Illustrator of Project SEKAI's 4komas and Glory Steady Go!'s 2D MV
Petra Gurin VTuber
Dola VTuber
Hachioji-P VocaloP
Yashiro Kizuku VTuber
Batsumura Aiko Illustrator of Traffic Jam's 2D MV
marasy VocaloP
Shibuya HAL VTuber

Challenges[edit | edit source]

A total of 19 challenges were announced. Other than the challenge given to everyone, each challenge completed rewarded all players with 100 crystals. 18 out of the 19 challenges were completed, however, Dola and Yashiro Kizuku's challenges were changed to incorporate Eli Conifer's challenge. While not every challenge was completed, players still were given all 2000 crystals.

Participant(s) Challenge Completed?
Everyone Post 10,000 or more comments in the livestream chat Yes
Ruri Win 3 Cheerful Lives in a row Yes
Eli Cornifer Full combo Showtime Ruler and Chururira Chururira Daddadda! on MASTER difficultly No*
DOLCE. Clear 5 challenges (randomly chosen by a roulette wheel) Yes
Akina Win 3 Cheerful Lives in a row Yes
Ichinose LUPO & irucaice Win 3 Cheerful Lives in a row Yes
Momosuzu Nene Play at least 10 different songs Yes
Yoshioka Mayu & Honnizumi Rina Perform a song (with musical accompaniment) during the stream Yes
sasakure.UK, DOLCE (guest), FB777 (guest) Full Combo a specific song Yes
Matsumaru Ryogo Full Combo 3 songs on MASTER difficulty in a row in Cheerful Live Yes
Uzaki Uso Draw chibis of 3 requested characters Yes
Petra Gurin Clear 5 missions Yes
Mita Kousuke Full Combo a song with difficulty level 30 or above while handicapped Yes
Dola Clear Beat Eater, Ready Steady, and Chururira Chururira Daddadda! on MASTER difficulty
Full Combo at least one of them
Hachioji-P Win 3 Cheerful Lives in a row Yes
Yashiro Kizuku Clear Teo, Kagirinaku Haiiro e, and Showtime Ruler on MASTER difficulty
Full Combo at least one of them
Batsumura Aiko Complete an illustration by the end of day they stream Yes
marasy Full Combo Aoku Kakero!, RAD DOGS, TONDEMO-WONDERZ on MASTER difficulty Yes
Shibuya HAL Play "10 different types" of songs Yes

Translations by Leg-leg#7769.

Schedule[edit | edit source]

Day 1[edit | edit source]

Time Streamers
12:00 New Year! Proseka Hatsumode of 2022 ~Let's Go and Visit the Sekai Shrine~
13:00 Ruri
14:30 Eli Cornifer
16:00 DOLCE.
18:30 Akina
20:00 Ichinose LUPO & irucaice

Day 2[edit | edit source]

Time Streamers
12:00 Momosuzu Nene
14:00 Yoshioka Mayu & Honnizumi Rina
16:00 sasakure.UK, DOLCE (guest), FB777 (guest)
18:00 Matsumaru Ryogo
21:00 Uzaki Uso

Day 3[edit | edit source]

Time Streamers
11:30 Petra Gurin
13:30 Mita Kousuke
15:00 Dola
16:30 Hachioji-P
18:30 Yashiro Kizuku
20:30 Batsumura Aiko
21:00 Marasy
23:00 ShibuyaHAL

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