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PositionVirtual Singer
BirthdayNovember 5
Height167 cm
Image color#DE4444

This page only contains information about her role in the game Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE! For information about the software, see the VOCALOID Wiki or the Piapro Wiki.

MEIKO is a virtual singer. Her main unit is Vivid BAD SQUAD.

Background[edit | edit source]

MEIKO appears in the real world as a virtual singer. When young people have trouble understanding their true feelings, MEIKO and her fellow virtual singers appear to help them.

In Vivid BAD SQUAD's Sekai, she's the owner of a street cafe. Together with her helpers DJ Kagamine Len and Hatsune Miku, she advises Azusawa Kohane and her friends.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

MEIKO has brown eyes and short brown hair. She has a black folded choker on her neck, and short folded bracelet-like sleeves to match. She wears short brown boots. Her appearance is very similar to her VOCALOID3 package design. She is seen holding her signature microphone, which can be seen several times within any of her official artworks.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

School Sekai[edit | edit source]

  • Hatsune Miku: Despite Miku being more of the junior, MEIKO relies on Miku a lot to explain things to do with the SEKAI to her, and also loves to tease her similarly to Luka. MEIKO also supports Miku in figuring out what to do for the girls and commends her for believing in them that much, while Miku thanks her for all her encouragement.
  • Kagamine Rin: MEIKO gets Rin's enthusiastic energy, Rin appreciates her in a similar way to KAITO and listens to her advice and takes her words thankfully and confusingly.
  • Kagamine Len: MEIKO supports him and Rin's playful antics, and lets them settle their arguments on their own if they can, but intervenes if need be. Len appreciates her helping him in the ways she can.
  • Megurine Luka: MEIKO and Luka are both looked up to by the members of Leo/need. However, it is implied that MEIKO herself has some respect for Luka, as it was Luka’s ability to play any instrument that gave MEIKO the idea to learn how to do so as well. They enjoy teasing together, though Luka knows when to get herself and MEIKO to stop, much to the latter's dismay.
  • KAITO: MEIKO was the only one who didn’t tease KAITO about his shyness when he introduced himself to Leo/need, excluding Len, who had not arrived at the time. While not as close as in other SEKAI, the two are on good terms, with MEIKO occasionally inviting along to hang out with the other VIRTUAL SINGERS. Following Len’s introduction, she reminds KAITO that not all of the Kagamine’s bickering is negative, as they are sometimes having innocent fun with each other when they get into passionate debates about things.
  • Hoshino Ichika: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.
  • Tenma Saki: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.
  • Mochizuki Honami: During the Don't Let Doubts Hold You Back event, MEIKO helps Honami find her courage and ability to speak up, teaching her that there is more than one form of kindness.
  • Hinomori Shiho: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.

Stage Sekai[edit | edit source]

  • Hatsune Miku: Miku praises MEIKO for her ability to do her shows by herself, her knowledge on audience interaction and her style and theme in the shows, wanting to do just as good as her for her shows. MEIKO often gives her pointers and offers to help her with some dance routines, which Miku happily agrees.
  • Kagamine Rin: MEIKO is able to see right through Rin when she's hiding her sadness, and tries to cheer her up from it. She thinks Rin has wonderful ideas, and Rin admires how MEIKO often comes to support her during her shows. They like to discuss prop arrangements together.
  • Kagamine Len: MEIKO compliments Len for being able to get the crowd roaring, similar to her, and thinks his shows create a good atmosphere for both the performers and the audience. She trusts Len with being the judge for some shows, with him being happy to help out.
  • Megurine Luka: They are idols who consistently perform together and therefore can be seen as close friends. The two tend to tease each other, this being seen in how MEIKO has previously poked Luka’s cheeks to test their softness, which caused Luka to retort with a quip and tickling, and the two are often performing together.
  • KAITO: MEIKO does not use honorifics when referring to KAITO, despite him referring to her as "MEIKO-san", hinting that the two are close. According to KAITO’s A Reliable Senior side story, MEIKO may be a little put off by KAITO’s excitable personality when it comes to his passion for idols and urges him to keep calm, as he’s the only one who could calm the similarly emotional Miku and Rin.
  • Hanasato Minori: VIRTUAL SINGER and fellow idol.
  • Kiritani Haruka: VIRTUAL SINGER and fellow idol.
  • Momoi Airi: VIRTUAL SINGER and fellow idol.
  • Hinomori Shizuku: VIRTUAL SINGER and fellow idol.

Street Sekai[edit | edit source]

  • Hatsune Miku: Miku often helps MEIKO at her cafe, much to the latter's both happiness and worry, due to Miku's lack of cooking skills. Though MEIKO is very patient with letting her learn and tries to be gentle and encouraging despite panicking in her thoughts. Miku thinks she learns a lot off MEIKO this way.
  • Kagamine Rin: She acts as an older sister or motherly figure to Rin, often breaking up her fights with Len or KAITO and giving her encouragement on things she's struggling on. Rin also often helps out at Crase Cafe, which she finds soothing in both the music choices and the overall atmosphere whether she works there or is a customer, and MEIKO feels like her being there makes her feel privileged to run it.
  • Kagamine Len: Len reiterates to MEIKO several times that he's not a kid and can do adult things, such as sharing his desserts with Rin and not getting into too many arguments, despite it sometimes not being the truth. They also enjoy brainstorming new things to add to the menu of Crase Cafe.
  • Megurine Luka: Luka is often shown to be particularly affectionate with MEIKO, at times playfully calling MEIKO "Mei-chan". That said, while generally gentler with her than she is with KAITO, MEIKO is similarly displeased with Luka’s tendency to slack off on her duties at the Crase Cafe when she isn't presented with something to get from it.
  • KAITO: MEIKO is initially annoyed at KAITO for his shenanigans and would scold him for his behavior. However, by THE POWER OF UNITY, she has grown to trust KAITO more, as proven by MEIKO leaving her shop in his care while she’s away, though still does not hesitate to tell him to quit it. KAITO enjoys all the cooking MEIKO makes and bases some of their discussions around items on the menu, but does sincerely respect and care about her.
  • Azusawa Kohane: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.
  • Shiraishi An: VIRTUAL SINGER and mentor. Wishing to the Blue Sky for Your Happiness! reveals that An admires MEIKO for being a kind and dependable older sister figure, which is what An aspires to become.
  • Shinonome Akito: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.
  • Aoyagi Toya: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.

Wonderland Sekai[edit | edit source]

  • Hatsune Miku: Miku and MEIKO love coming up with show and stunt ideas together, sometimes going to KAITO for advice and/or permission on how to do them together, using more passionate language while talking to him, much to his confusion. Though other times, the two secretly perform dangerous stunts that they know KAITO would disprove of such as launching through the clouds, though KAITO finds out eventually.
  • Kagamine Rin: Rin knows more than MEIKO about the overall layout of the SEKAI, and shows her around. Similar to other SEKAI, MEIKO acts similarly to a mentor figure to Rin, who takes her words and feels more excited at the time by them.
  • Kagamine Len: Len has also begun to go to MEIKO about performing dangerous stunts after hearing how she assisted Miku. He appreciates the approval MEIKO gives him during practice.
  • Megurine Luka: MEIKO is in charge of taking care of Luka, and therefore the two are often shown together. This results from Luka’s tendency to constantly fall asleep, and how she prefers to often do so on MEIKO’s lap. This makes it so it’s MEIKO’s job to constantly wake her up. She has less patience with this than KAITO does, who lets her sleep for longer.
  • KAITO: MEIKO serves as a second-in-command to KAITO as a showrunner, as she often helps him come up with ideas for new stages and assists him in creating them as of On This Holy Night, I Sing. She urges him not to overwork himself but also teases him for it when she finds him in the aftermath of it, though in addition gets told off by KAITO whenever she tries one of her dangerous stunts.
  • Tenma Tsukasa: MEIKO thinks Tsukasa is a wonderful actor and reliable troupe leader.
  • Otori Emu: VIRTUAL SINGER and Friend. Emu calls her "MEIKO-onee-chan" and sees her as a responsible older sister figure.
  • Kusanagi Nene: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.
  • Kamishiro Rui: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.

Uninhabited Sekai[edit | edit source]

  • Hatsune Miku: Miku is confused by MEIKO's decision of keeping a distance, but doesn't stop her, though consistently asks if this is what she wants and how she thinks this will help the girls, worrying about her sometimes. MEIKO keeps their conversations short in this manner, though she also finds her sweet in a way and doesn't decline speaking about other things with her.
  • Kagamine Rin: They have a parallel in the fact that Rin likes it when the members of Nightcord come to SEKAI while MEIKO likes being alone as she can focus on her own thoughts, MEIKO is able to recognize when Rin bluffs about this. Despite them not interacting much due to MEIKO's tendency to keep a distance, they get along well when together, though their conversations are short and they sometimes do light jabs at each other. Rin admits to having missed MEIKO when she first arrived in SEKAI and wanting to sing together, which they do with Miku.
  • Kagamine Len: Len is somewhat afraid of MEIKO, but worries about her enough to ask if she's fine with keeping distance, similar to Miku, also approaching her along with the others whenever he has a problem, though not getting much in return. MEIKO has given Len advice passed on by Miku about telling Len about what's happened in general thus far to have an easier time and has extended a helping hand to him sometimes, even if it's just getting matches.
  • Megurine Luka: The two have been at odds with each other due to their differing methods on the way to guide the members of 25-ji, Nightcord de. Though they have been starting to not be constantly at war at each other, somewhat due to MEIKO trying to ignore anything she says.
  • KAITO: They don't interact much, but have the similarity of staying more distant from the others, and share the same irritation of Luka. MEIKO advises KAITO to ignore her, showing they have at least a neutral relationship.
  • Yoisaki Kanade: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.
  • Asahina Mafuyu: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.
  • Shinonome Ena: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.
  • Akiyama Mizuki: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend. Despite MEIKO keeping her distance, Mizuki believes she understands how they feel more than their fellow group members.

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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