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PositionVirtual Singer
BirthdayFebruary 17
Height175 cm
Image color#3367CD

This page only contains information about his role in the game Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE! For information about the software, see the VOCALOID Wiki or the Piapro Wiki.

KAITO is a virtual singer. His main unit is Wonderlands×Showtime.

Background[edit | edit source]

KAITO appears in the real world as a virtual singer. When young people have trouble understanding their true feelings, KAITO and his fellow virtual singers appear to help them.

In Wonderlands×Showtime's Sekai, he's a troupe leader. Together with Hatsune Miku he helps the group discover their true feelings.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

KAITO has blue eyes and short blue hair. He has a very long blue scarf along with a white coat. His outfit design is similar to his VOCALOID3 package design.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

School Sekai[edit | edit source]

  • Hatsune Miku: Miku initially teased him for his shyness upon his arrival, but has seemingly eased up on him by the the event That day, the Sky was Far Away. During his 2022 Birthday Celebration, Miku was the one who coaxed KAITO out of his hiding place so that he could attend his party with the members of Leo/need. They enjoy playing together, and KAITO is able to recognize her love for the members of Leo/need, especially Ichika, which is often their point of interest while talking.
  • Kagamine Rin: Rin looks up to KAITO, often coming up to him with Len for his opinions about things and refers to him as "Big Brother KAITO". However, she gets irritated with his shyness when it prevents him from being able to confidently introduce himself to the members of Leo/need. KAITO will occasionally scold Rin for being too excitable or fighting with Len. He also compliments her when it comes to making things fun, such as videos.
  • Kagamine Len: KAITO appears to be closer with Len than he is the other VIRTUAL SINGERS, and the two are often seen hanging out together following Len’s debut in the SEKAI. Len has also frequently invited KAITO to do things with him, albeit in a less forceful way than the other VIRTUAL SINGERS have tried to include him. Similar to Rin, Len often goes up to KAITO asking about his opinions on things, sometimes on CD choices, sometimes when he disagrees with Rin. KAITO doesn't mind it, as he's used to it by now, and tries to reassure Len on things that are worrying him.
  • Megurine Luka: Luka is able to read KAITO's feelings, alongside MEIKO, and tries to get him out of his comfort zone sometimes, such as forcing him out a classroom he was hiding in. KAITO feels awkward when discussing things akin to this but doesn't seem to mind too much and is ok to play for Luka when asked.
  • MEIKO: MEIKO was the only one who didn’t tease KAITO about his shyness when he introduced himself to Leo/need, excluding Len, who had not arrived at the time. While not as close as in other SEKAI, the two are on good terms, with MEIKO occasionally inviting along to hang out with the other VIRTUAL SINGERS. Following Len’s introduction, she reminds KAITO that not all of the Kagamine’s bickering is negative, as they are sometimes having innocent fun with each other when they get into passionate debates about things.
  • Hoshino Ichika: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.
  • Tenma Saki: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.
  • Mochizuki Honami: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.
  • Hinomori Shiho: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.

Stage Sekai[edit | edit source]

  • Hatsune Miku: Miku appears to respect KAITO a lot, calling him a genius, as she has occasionally sought out his advice. KAITO is happy to help her out, having the perfect knowledge on what would look good on her and what would be good for her shows, whether solo or as a team with someone. He also praises her for her drawings of potential costumes.
  • Kagamine Rin: Rin respects him, similar to Miku, calling his ideas amazing and his preparations neat. KAITO things she is a wonderful idol alongside the others and enjoys helping out their shows, making sure to point out anything faulty, though fixing it as soon as he can. They both feel the same way about MORE MORE JUMP!'s shows, feeling astonished by them.
  • Kagamine Len: Len and KAITO occasionally perform together. When they're not, Len comes up to KAITO for advice, much like the other Stage SEKAI VIRTUAL SINGERS do, which KAITO is organized with, having some of Len's things already set up in order for helping him to be easier. They are able to sow loose threads on costumes back together, which Len learnt from KAITO. Len has also offered to help KAITO after noticing that he’s always working hard by himself.
  • Megurine Luka: Luka notices that KAITO takes on so many jobs that he doesn’t leave much time for himself to perform to have general freetime, so she offers to assist him whenever he needs it whether it be with bridging or stage equipment. KAITO calls her thoughtful in this way, and comments on her ways to excite the audience.
  • MEIKO: MEIKO does not use honorifics when referring to KAITO, despite him referring to her as "MEIKO-san", hinting that the two are close. According to KAITO’s A Reliable Senior side story, MEIKO may be a little put off by KAITO’s excitable personality when it comes to his passion for idols and urges him to keep calm, as he’s the only one who could calm the similarly emotional Miku and Rin.
  • Hanasato Minori: VIRTUAL SINGER, fellow idol, and manager. KAITO has a deep love and admiration for idols, to the point of becoming an excitable and emotional fan boy when it comes to their performances. It's implied that this is a trait he had gotten from Minori upon appearing in Stage SEKAI.
  • Kiritani Haruka: VIRTUAL SINGER, fellow idol, and manager.
  • Momoi Airi: VIRTUAL SINGER, fellow idol, and manager.
  • Hinomori Shizuku: VIRTUAL SINGER, fellow idol, and manager.

Street Sekai[edit | edit source]

  • Hatsune Miku: Miku has gotten used to KAITO's carefree tendencies, as when questioned by Akito on if KAITO is always "like that", Miku responds with "like what?" Compared to the other VIRTUAL SINGERS, Miku is also less likely to get exasperated with KAITO for his behavior, and she doesn’t often engage in making jokes at his expense. She also tends to give him taste tests of her and MEIKO's cooking, which KAITO is a fan of, but not when it gets a bit too much.
  • Kagamine Rin: KAITO mentors Rin in DJing, alongside Len. She gets annoyed at his laidback demeanor while he insists he is serious when working with her. Though when he admits to Kohane he takes her more seriously than teaching the others, Rin goes to shake him out of annoyance. They often have differing opinions on things and thus argue a lot, but can be a good duo when needed, such as when helping Kohane with her sampling. She gets confused when he talks about music but thinks when he's explaining things, he sounds amazing, but thinks he should try something new.
  • Kagamine Len: KAITO mentors Len in DJing, alongside Rin. Due to his tendency to slack off from teaching them, Len often gets frustrated with him, once threatening to go off to see Akito instead, though KAITO apologized and promised to be more serious. Compared to other SEKAI, Len is more reluctant to show his respect for KAITO due to this offputtingly easygoing nature. When he is a good mentor, Len and Rin get excited from getting praised by him. KAITO also thinks Len is somewhat easy to guess in instances such as Rock Paper Scissors. Though he is happy to help Len in instances such as White Day, which Len is grateful for and makes him a thank you present. And an internal dialogue from KAITO reveals that he’s confident in him and Rin's ability to grow as DJs without his help.
  • Megurine Luka: KAITO and Luka have very similar personalities, as they're both carefree on the surface, try to make whatever they teach fun learning experiences, but secretly smarter than they let on. Despite their similarities, Luka will occasionally hypocritically tease KAITO for being a slacker.
  • MEIKO: MEIKO is initially annoyed at KAITO for his shenanigans and would scold him for his behavior. However, by THE POWER OF UNITY, she has grown to trust KAITO more, as proven by MEIKO leaving her shop in his care while she’s away, though still does not hesitate to tell him to quit it. KAITO enjoys all the cooking MEIKO makes and bases some of their discussions around items on the menu, but does sincerely respect and care about her.
  • Azusawa Kohane: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend. Kohane appears to respect KAITO to some degree and asks him to teach her about making music in Walk on and on. It's there that he begins to teach her about sampling.
  • Shiraishi An: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.
  • Shinonome Akito: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend. In STRAY BAD DOG it's shown that Akito disliked KAITO at first due to KAITO's carefree tendencies, though he's seemingly gotten used to him by THE POWER OF UNITY. A big part of his dislike for KAITO appears to stem from his inability to reconcile KAITO's skill as a DJ with his eccentric personality. KAITO and Akito share a few traits in common, such as their love for sweets, desire to be respected, and their outward personalities that hide another aspect of themselves.
  • Aoyagi Toya: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.

Wonderland Sekai[edit | edit source]

  • Hatsune Miku: KAITO acts as a guiding figure to Miku in addition to being her partner in running their theater troupe. Because of this, the pair appear to be quite close to each other. As well, despite her antics and tendency to involve an often unwilling KAITO in them, Miku appears to respect KAITO and relieves him of his troupe leader duties when he overworks himself.
  • Kagamine Rin: Rin looks up to KAITO at troupe leader, and being able to juggle all the things he has to do, saying she wants to try it out too. KAITO offers to think of performances she can do as a troupe leader, and tells her she doesn't have to be responsible for everything or act like everything is fine, and works better when she's having fun rather than taking everything seriously.
  • Kagamine Len: Len sees KAITO as a sort of mentor figure, asking for his help to do scenes such as stage sword fighting and asking if he's doing well with his performances. KAITO thinks he's getting along with acting great and doesn't like to ruin his fun, refraining from saying things that may risk that.
  • Megurine Luka: Luka feels like she owes KAITO sometimes for him always having to wake her up. In this manner, KAITO is more lenient than MEIKO, letting her sleep for longer before their rehearsals start.
  • MEIKO: MEIKO serves as a second-in-command to KAITO as a showrunner, as she often helps him come up with ideas for new stages and assists him in creating them as of On This Holy Night, I Sing. She urges him not to overwork himself but also teases him for it when she finds him in the aftermath of it, though in addition gets told off by KAITO whenever she tries one of her dangerous stunts.
  • Tenma Tsukasa: Tsukasa respects KAITO and looks up to him. He and Miku helped Tsukasa realize his true feelings and why he initially wanted to become a star. Additionally, KAITO's original 1* side story suggests that Tsukasa was a fan of KAITO before officially meeting him, as he showed Emu KAITO's concert and explained the significance of KAITO's iconic muffler to Emu when asked why he wears it.
  • Otori Emu: Emu respects KAITO and views him as a reliable older brother figure, referring to him as "KAITO-oniisan", or "Big Brother KAITO" in English. She and Rui are perhaps the only character in the SEKAI to view KAITO as the older brother figure he desires to be viewed as, rather than a parental figure, as both Tsukasa and MEIKO seem to believe that KAITO is like a father.
  • Kusanagi Nene: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.
  • Kamishiro Rui: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.

Uninhabited Sekai[edit | edit source]

  • Hatsune Miku: Miku is confused by KAITO and wonders why he's so angry all the time. KAITO critics her for her thinking Mafuyu is making progress where the progress is way too slow for his standards. They are shown to be on good terms though outside from this, especially after Saying Goodbye to My Masked Self took place, where they worked together to assist Mafuyu who was talking to her mother, both using their harsh truth and comfort to help.
  • Kagamine Rin: Rin thinks he says whatever he wants too much and doesn't let Mafuyu do what she wants in her own SEKAI. KAITO thinks she along with everyone else is soft on her and it won't help Mafuyu reach what she needs. Rin also shows shock when KAITO leaves her and Miku a pillow without saying a word when they fell asleep while playing, showing she'd never seen his nice side that much before.
  • Kagamine Len: Len thinks his words put Mafuyu in pain, where KAITO thinks thinking that only he's coddling Mafuyu and doesn't allow her to move forward. Len also gets confused by KAITO's habit to say what he wants to say and nothing else.
  • Megurine Luka: Despite KAITO being the more brash one of the SEKAI, even he cannot put up with Luka's tendency to be irritating to others and gives up on arguing with her when he can't think of anything to say, which she herself finds amusing.
  • MEIKO: They don't interact much, but have the similarity of staying more distant from the others, and share the same irritation of Luka. MEIKO advises KAITO to ignore her, showing they have at least a neutral relationship.
  • Yoisaki Kanade: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.
  • Asahina Mafuyu: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend. Mafuyu seemed troubled when KAITO told her that she isn't willing to properly rebel against her mother and convey what she's truly feeling, with her denying that her mother is trying to completely stifle her. However, in Saying Goodbye to My Masked Self, Mafuyu takes and remembers KAITO's advice to not fall for her mother's crocodile tears while Mafuyu is confronting her.
  • Shinonome Ena: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.
  • Akiyama Mizuki: VIRTUAL SINGER and friend.

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