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Shinonome Ena

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Other languages:
Shinonome Ena
RomajiShinonome Ena
EnglishEna Shinonome
BirthdayApril 30
Height158 cm
SchoolKamiyama High School Night Classes (Class 3-D)
  • Drawing
  • Egosurfing
  • Posting selfies on social media
  • Researching fashion accessories
  • Choosing the right ingredients when cooking
  • Waking up in the morning
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"Fufufu, I'm getting so many likes. ...however..."
―Shinonome Ena (Original)

"All I want is just to keep improving."
―Shinonome Ena (Brand New World)

Shinonome Ena (東雲 絵名) is a third-year student at Kamiyama High School, but she only attends part-time night classes. She's the illustrator for the underground music circle 25-ji, Nightcord de.

Ena goes by the alias Enanan (えななん) online.

Character Bio[edit | edit source]

"Ena's desperate craving for recognition has led to her becoming addicted to social media. Her dad is a famous painter, and she posts her own art online. Kanade came across Ena's artwork, and invited her to join the group as an illustrator."

Background[edit | edit source]

Ena's father is a famous artist and her inspiration for drawing, however, he does not believe she has what it takes to become a professional artist. She is also Akito's older sister; and she knows her way around social media, being relatively popular online. Her selfies are shown to get more recognition than her illustrations.

From the "On This Blank Canvas, I Paint" event, it is shown her craving for acceptance began when her art teacher in middle school claimed one of her paintings was just "okay." The next few days, Ena worked hard on her next piece in hopes of receiving praise from the stern man, only for him to tell her she's trying too hard and proceeding to shower the other students' work in praise. She didn't know how she felt nor did she didn't have anything to say.

Yoisaki Kanade saw some of her illustrations online and invited her to join her circle as an illustrator. It's revealed that Ena has once uploaded her own cover of one of Kanade's songs.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ena has wide brown eyes and short brown hair with medium bangs swept to the right as well as a short braid tucked behind her left ear tied with a short ribbon. Her voice is sweet and airy.

Original[edit | edit source]

In her unit outfit, she wears a dark gray, long-sleeved school uniform which fades into different shades of gray; black lace on the hem of the dress with white frills. The cuffs of her dress are a darker shade of gray with light gray stripes. A white collar sits around her neck on the dress with an orange-and-black colored tie. A black-and-grey ribbon is tied around her dress near her chest. She wears a pair of black low heels with white frilly socks. On her feet, she has a pair of white ruffled socks that end at her ankles and black shoes that have a t-shaped strap on the front.

In her casual outfit, she wears a pink, frilly, long sleeved top and a short, frilly, black skirt with a pair of black low heels, as well as a black choker. The ribbon that holds her braid in is black.

While at her night classes, she wears the standard female uniform for Kamiyama High School — a short blue pleated and plaided skirt with a collared shirt (hers being a yellow-based white) — with black tights and a closed yellow-beige cardigan.

Brand New World[edit | edit source]

Ena has three outfits as of Brand New World.

Her unit outfit consists of a black turtleneck dress, with a bow that fades to light brown looped through eyelets at her collar. She wears gray socks with black heeled Oxford shoes.

Her casual outfit consists of a green blouse with black bows, tucked into a brown checkered skirt.

Her school outfit is the standard Kamiyama High School uniform with a bow tie, with sheer black tights and a light brown cardigan under her suit jacket.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ena is a strong-willed girl. When she draws, she starts living in her own world, and disregards everything around her. As observed by her fellow members, she forgets to turn off her mic, and they then hear her muttering several comments about her illustrations, mostly about how they're not what she is going for. Because of her father's inability to accept her and her illustrations, she's grown envious of those she deems to have talent and becomes bitter when those people throw it away; as she does not believe she has talent. Furthermore, she craves attention and praises for her art, leading her down the road of perfectionism. She gets flustered when her fellow members compliment her and angry when they do otherwise.

She is also described as a "tsundere" by Mizuki. Though she is not usually cold, she would hesitate when her friends would suggest ideas she is not into. She is also known to be kind of sarcastic towards them as well. However, she also has a caring and soft side as well. In Secret Distance, she becomes worried of Mizuki while they were trying to find Mafuyu, because they went into the Empty SEKAI to find her. In the last scene of the story, she worries about them (Mizuki) again, as she woke up and saw their frown in the train moments ago in the story. She is also a scaredy-cat, as seen in the same event story, where in she constantly screams while the group walks through the rumored haunted tunnel.

Ena wants attention, as it somewhat gives her comfort and happiness. She is fond of taking selfies of herself and posts them online, and is very proud of them. As seen in one of the 1-panel comics, she panics because her selfies usually lose to cat videos. In the stories of 25-ji, Nightcord de., she is sometimes seen taking a selfie when she is down and posts it on the internet. She would then cheer up because of the compliments and praise from the comments she sees.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Yoisaki Kanade: Fellow circle member. Ena is grateful that Kanade saw worth in her illustrations and has a soft spot for her as she never speaks to her rudely compared to her other circle members.
  • Asahina Mafuyu: Fellow circle member. Ena is jealous that Kanade gives Mafuyu very much attention and feels frustrated that Mafuyu doesn’t use her talent. As the story progresses the two understand each other’s struggles better.
  • Akiyama Mizuki: Fellow circle member. They often argue and the Nightcord chat is filled with their bickering but they still actually care for each other a lot.
  • Momoi Airi: Have been best friends with each other since middle school and constantly recommend each other cool camera filters or cute cafés.
  • Shinonome Akito: Ena's younger brother. Despite them attending same school, Ena only takes night classes compared to Akito who attends normal day classes. Ena shares the same food likes and dislikes with her brother, Akito. She gets annoyed when Mizuki mentions this in her introduction video. The two often argue and Ena even throws stuff at Akito when she’s angry but still cares for him as shown in the summer festival.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ena's plushies that she sometimes uses in her selfies were given to her by Akito who got them from Toya, who keeps giving them to Akito because of how many he has from his skill at claw machines.
  • Her favorite foods are cheesecake and pancakes, but if she had to choose only one, she would prefer cheesecake. Her least favorite food is carrots.

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