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Kiritani Haruka

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Other languages:
Kiritani Haruka
RomajiKiritani Haruka
EnglishHaruka Kiritani
BirthdayOctober 5
Height163 cm
SchoolMiyamasuzaka Girls Academy (Class 2-D)
  • Collecting penguin merchandise
  • Basketball
  • Being lazy
Image color#99CDFF
"Being an idol isn't all it's cracked up to be..."
―Kiritani Haruka (Original)

"You'll definitely become an idol who's able to deliver hope and dreams to everyone!"

―Kiritani Haruka (Brand New World)

Kiritani Haruka (桐谷 遥) is a second-year student at Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy. She's part of the idol group MORE MORE JUMP!

Character Bio[edit | edit source]

"Haruka was a member of the nationally famous idol group ASRUN. Her incredible charisma made her the most popular member of that group, but unfortunately, it was disbanded. She goes to Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy, same as Minori."

Background[edit | edit source]

Haruka used to be part of the nationally-acclaimed idol group ASRUN. She had the highest popularity ranking among all the members of the group. After the group broke up, Haruka left the entertainment industry and returned to high school.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Haruka has blue eyes and short blue hair, worn loose.

Original[edit | edit source]

Haruka shared a similar outfit to that of the rest of her group members: a white sleeveless blouse with a black ribbon underneath a vest, a black and white ruffled skirt with multiple layers, a loose black belt adorned with the group's three-leaf clover motif, and white heeled shoes. The design of Haruka's vest was the same as Minori's. Haruka's outfit differed with the color blue accenting her outfit, her blouse being tucked out of her skirt, and a thin yellow bracelet on her left wrist.

Brand New World[edit | edit source]

Haruka has two outfits as of Brand New World.

Her unit outfit is a typical Japanese idol uniform. It consists of a white sleeveless coat over a white and light blue pleated skirt, with white cuffs, a black belt, and short white boots, and it is identical to the other members of MORE MORE JUMP!. Haruka's uniform has accents of pale blue, and she wears a clover hair clip with an blue leaf.

Her casual outfit consists of a white blouse tucked into gray shorts and layered over an orange tank top. She also wears a silver heart pendant necklace.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Haruka is very charismatic and has a calm and collected demeanor. She was the most popular member of the former idol group, ASRUN. She is known as very hard-working and humble, although she can overwork her self as shown in Break Time for the Hardworking You!

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Hanasato Minori: Fellow group member. Minori is a big fan of hers. It was Minori who inspired Haruka to continue being an idol.
  • Momoi Airi: Fellow group member. Haruka thinks Airi is undervalued in the idol world.
  • Hinomori Shizuku: Fellow group member. They've performed together before.
  • Hoshino Ichika: Friend and fellow classmate in class 1-C.
  • Tenma Saki: Classmates from 1-C, and friends following the Miyamasuzaka Sports Fes event.
  • Shiraishi An: Friends since middle school but separated in high school. They started hanging out again recently.
  • Otori Emu: Friends following the Miyamasuzaka Sports Fes event.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She really likes penguins, and has a lot of penguin merch. In one of the loading screen comics, after Airi asks if her room is themed, she replies that it looks like the South Pole.
  • Before joining MORE MORE JUMP!, Haruka was an idol on ASRUN before she quit close before the events of MORE MORE JUMP!'s main story.

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