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Shinonome Akito

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Other languages:
Shinonome Akito
RomajiShinonome Akito
EnglishAkito Shinonome
BirthdayNovember 12
Height176 cm
SchoolKamiyama High School (Class 2-A)
  • Fashion coordinating
  • Beatboxing
  • Dogs
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"This world isn't one where you can treat life as one big picnic."
―Shinonome Akito (Original)

"There's no way I'll be satisfied with this level of skill!"
―Shinonome Akito (Brand New World)

Shinonome Akito (東雲 彰人) is a second-year student at Kamiyama High School. He's part of the street music group Vivid BAD SQUAD.

Character Bio[edit | edit source]

"Akito was inspired to get into music by An's dad. He sings with his partner Toya at the BAD DOGS clubhouse. He seems like a gentle-mannered boy, but there's also another side to his personality."

Background[edit | edit source]

Akito has been a street musician since middle school. He looks up to Shiraishi An's father, who was a street musician as well. His interest in street music was first inspired by when he was in elementary school and Ena took him to see the summer festival. This interest became a passion when he saw RAD WEEKEND.

Together with Toya, he sings at event houses under the name as "BAD DOGS". While this is not as common following the formation of Vivid Bad Squad, sometimes he and Toya will still perform together without An and Kohane, mostly if the two girls are unavailable.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Akito has yellow-green eyes and short orange hair, with a single yellow streak in his bangs. The yellow streak is dyed, while his orange hair is natural. His right ear has one lobe piercing and his left ear has two, and wears different types of earrings depending on his outfit.

Original[edit | edit source]

Akito's outfit consists of a light yellow hoodie underneath a black jacket with yellow accents, a plaid shirt wrapped around his waist, and black jogging pants with white stripes. He also wears black and white high-cut sneakers with blue accents.

His school uniform, shown in cards like his 1☆ card, consists of a blue jacket that is gray on the inside, a white shirt, blue pants, and a tie.

Brand New World[edit | edit source]

Akito has three outfits as of Brand New World.

His unit outfit consists of a white pullover hoodie, layered under a black and orange jacket with the word "SCORCHING" printed on it. He wears black joggers with magenta accents, a blue and white belt, and gray sneakers with black, white, and orange accents.

His casual outfit consists of a black t-shirt with a zebra print graphic and the word "intrepid" printed on the front. Over the tee is layered a black and white jacket. He wears black joggers with a grey stripe down the side, and a yellow belt.

His school outfit is the standard male Kamiyama High School uniform with a tie and a black zip-up hoodie layered on top.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Akito, when first meeting a person, acts polite and respectful. However, when he is close to a person or music is involved in the conversation, he drops this and acts how he normally is. He is hot-blooded, passionate, and gruff. He is very determined about his goals. He dislikes people who are half-hearted and dispassionate about what they like, and respects anyone who is truly passionate about what they enjoy.

While Akito may act rude towards his friends, this does not reflect how he truly feels. Deep down, he strongly cares about the people surrounding him. This is shown in a lot of places, including his affection towards Toya (depicted in his Waiting for That Day to Come card), how he does care about Ena (shown in multiple places, including throughout the Ringing Sounds at the Summer Festival event), and how he does not actually hate Tsukasa and Rui. (a few examples are shown in the The Gentleman Thief's Thrilling White Day!? and At This Festival Tinged With Twilight events, respectively.)

Akito struggles with his insecurities. He often feels inferior to his group members, and to compensate, he overworks himself. If no one is there to stop him, he will often practice his singing until he either loses his voice or collapses from exhaustion, neglecting his needs in the process.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Azusawa Kohane: Fellow group member. Previously, Akito saw her as a complete newbie who has no idea what she's getting into. That view has changed, though, and now they get along.
  • Shiraishi An: Fellow group member. They're rivals, although they still get along and work together with the rest of their group to surpass RAD WEEKEND. A lot of their rivalry is not very serious, such as minor competition when it comes to test scores. They initially met in middle school on Vivid Street, although they never became close until Vivid Bad Squad formed. Akito can also sense when An is feeling off.
  • Aoyagi Toya: Fellow group member and best friend. Before joining VBS, Akito and Toya had their own group called BAD DOGS. Akito trusts Toya a lot.
  • Momoi Airi: Ena's friend. They know each other and interact sometimes. When they were both younger, Akito once made a promise to Airi saying that he would make sure Ena is okay.
  • Tenma Tsukasa: Akito finds Tsukasa a bit annoying and loud. He constantly pranks Tsukasa with bugs. However, he does not hate him, and has helped Tsukasa out and complimented his acting on a few occasions. Akito is thankful to Tsukasa for how he encouraged Toya to pursue what he wanted to do instead of what his father forced him to do when the two were younger children.
  • Kamishiro Rui: Akito believes that Rui is a bit strange, and dislikes how Rui attempted to use reverse psychology on him in the A Song of Vows for You, Dressed in Pure White! event. However, like Tsukasa, he does not hate Rui. When Rui became injured in the At This Festival Tinged With Twilight event, at the Shibuya Festival, Akito was the one who helped him receive medical attention. Rui also enjoyed the performance put on by Vivid Bad Squad in the same event.
  • Shinonome Ena: Akito's older sister. They constantly fight. Ena has been noted to do things like scratch Akito or throw things at him. This does not mean they dislike each other, though. The two care about each other at the end of the day, despite the argumentative nature of their bond.
  • Akiyama Mizuki: Mizuki constantly teases Akito and calls him "ototou-kun," or in the English version, "Lil' Bro," due to being Ena's younger brother, which annoys him. Mizuki can recognize Akito's voice in the background of Ena's Nightcord calls. Mizuki and Akito share an enjoyment of fashion.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He's terrified of dogs, due to him being bitten by one when he was little. This is seen in part one of his 1* card's short stories, when Minori's dog, Samo, comes up to him.
  • Contrary to his hair color, Akito does not like carrots.
  • Akito's favorite foods are cheesecake and pancakes, but if he had to choose only one, he would choose pancakes.
  • He is the only character who has ever dyed their hair; while his orange hair is natural, the singular yellow streak is dyed, confirmed by his childhood 2D model, where the streak is not present.

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