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Awakening Beat/Story

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Awakening Beat
Story Information
Key unit
  • Vivid BAD SQUAD
Translation Information

Chapters[edit | edit source]

Image Chapter Title Featured characters
Together as Four
The Mysterious Man
What Facing Yourself Means
The Way to Self-Confidence
Courage to Step Forward
Before the Revenge Match
Believe in Me
By Everyone's Side

Summaries[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1: Together as Four[edit | edit source]

Vivid BAD SQUAD wins a battle event and returns to WEEKEND GARAGE to debrief. An suggests that Kohane quit performing at events solo to focus on the team, believing she's caught up in skill to the other members. Kohane agrees, inviting her, Akito, and Toya to what will be her final solo performance.

Chapter 2: The Mysterious Man[edit | edit source]

Kohane performs, to the excitement of the live house crowd. On her way to find the others, she bumps into a mysterious man, who tells her that she's missing an "eye for herself".

Chapter 3: What Facing Yourself Means[edit | edit source]

Kohane tells the members about her encounter, and they reassure her that she's a capable singer. After extra practice, An and Kohane head to the Street SEKAI.

Chapter 4: The Way to Self-Confidence[edit | edit source]

An suggests that Kohane should have more confidence in herself, but Kohane confesses she doesn't know how. After confiding in her, MEIKO points out that Kohane excels at pointing out the strengths in others, but doesn't have the same eye for herself. Understanding the man's message, Kohane resolves to discover how to have more self-confidence.

Chapter 5: Courage to Step Forward[edit | edit source]

An, Akito, and Toya brainstorm, determined to help Kohane gain confidence. They suggest entering the next STAY GOLDEN, to conquer Kohane's mistake and boost her confidence. Kohane agrees.

The group enlists the help of the Virtual Singers in the Street SEKAI to critique and improve their singing.

Chapter 6: Before the Revenge Match[edit | edit source]

The group practices hard for STAY GOLD. On the day of the event, Kohane overhears audience members talking about her and tenses up. An asks her to come outside with her.

Chapter 7: Believe in Me[edit | edit source]

An tells Kohane that her belief in Kohane's ability will always remain strong, even if she doesn't believe in herself. Filled with resolve, Vivid BAD SQUAD take to the stage.

Chapter 8: By Everyone's Side[edit | edit source]

Kohane sings, dazzling everyone. After the performance, An, Akito, and Toya think to themselves, realizing that Kohane has far more potential than any of them realized. An tries to compliment Kohane, but can't bring herself to say anything.

The group returns to WEEKEND GARAGE, having a dinner to celebrate their winning STAY GOLD. An continues to feel strange, worrying her.

Event story movie[edit | edit source]

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