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Kusanagi Nene
RomajiKusanagi Nene
EnglishNene Kusanagi
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BirthdayJuly 20
Height156 cm
SchoolKamiyama High School (1-B)
  • Playing competitive games
  • Watching musicals and movies
  • Singing
  • Operating machinery
  • Crowded places
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"Why am I surrounded by weirdos?"
―Kusanagi Nene

Kusanagi Nene (草薙 寧々) is a first-year student at Kamiyama High School. She's part of the musical show unit Wonderlands×Showtime.

Background[edit | edit source]

Nene and Kamishiro Rui are next-door neighbors and childhood friends. Rui was the one who recommended her to join the troupe. She's a great singer and dreams of singing onstage for a musical, however, she doesn't appear on stage. Instead, she operates her Nene-Robo and performs through it.

At school, she is also classmates with Aoyagi Toya.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Nene has purple eyes and long grayish-green hair, with the front strands tied at the ends.

Her show outfit consists of a sleeveless top with a pink bow and smiley-face buttons down the front over a frilly skirt. The back side of the outfit consists of coattails and a big pink bow. She also wears a hairband with a butterfly-like decoration and knee-high leg warmers. The legwarmers and edges of her top have white fuzz. It's mentioned that Akiyama Mizuki made this outfit for her to match her Nenerobo.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Nene is the opposite of Emu, usually not saying anything. she is quite a introvert, and has stage fright. She likes to game quite frequently.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Tenma Tsukasa: Fellow group member. Nene thinks he's an idiot, but appreciates his caring qualities.
  • Otori Emu: Fellow group member. Nene thinks she's a weirdo who doesn't listen, but tries to be helpful.
  • Kamishiro Rui: Fellow group member. They're neighbors and childhood friends. Nene thinks he's nosy, but she wants to help him with his problems.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The appearance of NeneRobo appears to be inspired by Mikudayo.
  • Nene was afraid to perform on stage because of an incident of her forgetting her lines at her school play, causing her to be bullied.
  • She has a beautiful singing voice.

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