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Period of NOCTURNE/Story

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Period of NOCTURNE
Story Information
Key unit
  • Vivid BAD SQUAD
Translation Information

Chapters[edit | edit source]

Image Chapter Title Featured characters
Staffs That Don't Meet
A Restricted Melody
What I'm Lacking
Words that Can't Reach
What We Both Believe In
Words to Spur Me Onward
Cantabile at Night's End
The Light I Grasped in My Hand

Summaries[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1: Staffs That Don't Meet[edit | edit source]

Miku helps clean cups at the Crase Cafe when she notices one of the cups has a crack.

After returning home from a gig, Toya's father, Aoyagi Harumichi, confronts him for coming home late. The two argue, Harumichi angry with Toya's decision to abandon classical music, and Toya frustrated with his father's disrespect for street music.

At practice, Kohane tells Toya, An and Akito that her parents have found out about her performing activities and are opposed to them, thinking they're dangerous. An tells Kohane to invite them to their next performance so they can see the environment for themselves.

Chapter 2: A Restricted Melody[edit | edit source]

A regular customer of WEEKEND GARAGE comes into the cafe while Vivid BAD SQUAD is practising. He asks the group to perform for him, and they agree, eager to receive his advice. He compliments Toya for his ability to stay on pitch, but also says his voice sounds flat and inexpressive because of it.

Chapter 3: What I'm Lacking[edit | edit source]

Toya goes to talk to Akito, which Akito is surprised by, telling Toya that he usually bottles up his problems, as in the events of the Main Story. Toya tells him that it must be Akito that caused the change.

Toya confides in Akito and Ken about his voice. They don't believe there's anything wrong with his singing, and Ken suggests it's something in his life that's making him feel differently. Akito asks if it might be his conflict with his father, and Ken suggests he confront him head-on.

Kohane and An arrive, and Kohane tells them that her father agreed to attend their event.

Chapter 4: Words that Can't Reach[edit | edit source]

Despite Akito's uneasiness, Toya is determined to confront his father. However, his father is unreceptive. Toya responds by telling him that he felt like a slave who was only doing what his father told him and runs from his house, upset.

The next day, Toya can't focus, worrying Akito. Kohane and An notice, and encourage him to confide in them. They suggest many solutions to Toya's problem, but everything they think of would only worsen the situation.

Chapter 5: What We Both Believe In[edit | edit source]

The group laments that they aren't able to find a solution, but Toya is grateful for their effort. They decide to travel to SEKAI.

In the Crase Cafe, Miku is trying to think of ways to reuse the cracked cup she found earlier when the members of Vivid BAD SQUAD arrive. They confide Toya's problem to her and MEIKO.

Miku points out that Toya and his father both love music, so they ultimately feel the same. Kohane suggests that his father loves classical music and wants Toya to appreciate it.

Toya realizes that his father believes exactly that - from his point of view, Toya is abandoning something that will make him happy. Toya intends to confront him again.

Chapter 6: Words to Spur Me Onward[edit | edit source]

Akito reassures Toya that he truly loves music, and urges him not to forget that. Toya confronts his father. He tells him that he loves classical music, and admits that he turned to street music just to rebel against his father, but it evolved into a genuine love of the genre.

Toya gives him a ticket to their next event, and thanks him for teaching him to love music.

Chapter 7: Cantabile at Night's End[edit | edit source]

On the day of the event, Kohane's dad is present. Toya tells the others that he invited his father as well, but doesn't know if he intends to come.

Vivid BAD SQUAD get on stage, from which Toya doesn't see his father. As they begin, he feels a sense of clarity and harmony with his teammates, and he sings better than ever before, surprising and impressing his teammates, especially Akito.

Chapter 8: The Light I Grasped in My Hand[edit | edit source]

Kohane thanks her father for watching their show, with him now understanding and respecting Kohane's music career. Toya tells the others that despite his father's disapproval, he's determined to continue walking down the path of street music.

Toya returns home, apologizing to his father for coming home late. His father tells him that he still doesn't see anything in street music, and Toya realizes that he did come to see the performance after all.

At the Crase Cafe, Miku finishes planting some thyme in the cracked cup, with the crack acting as drainage. Toya thanks her and asks about the cup, which Miku says can still be used, as long as it's not competely broken.

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