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Stella After the Rain/Story

From Sekaipedia
Stella After the Rain
RomajiAmeagari no Ichibanhoshi
Story Information
Key unit
  • Leo/need
Unit involved
  • Wonderlands×Showtime
Translation Information

Stella After the Rain (雨上がりの一番星, Ameagari no Ichibanhoshi) was the first event story in Project SEKAI COLORFUL STAGE!. The story focuses on the unit Leo/need with eight total chapters and became available on October 9th, 2020.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

After forming a band with her 4 childhood friends, Saki's days were full of happiness. One day, she found a poster for an event at the observatory and made a plan to go together with her 4 friends... Please enjoy this story that touches the feelings hidden within a smile.

Chapters[edit | edit source]

ImageChapterFeatured characters
Chapter 1: Under The Rain Alone
Chapter 2: With Everyone
Chapter 3: Bass over Stars
Chapter 4: Until The D-Day
Chapter 5: Any Time, They Say
Chapter 6: Rain and Dusk
Chapter 7: Let's Continue Slowly
Chapter 8: Our Starry Sky

Summaries[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1: Under The Rain Alone[edit | edit source]

Saki has a dream about when she was sick and hospitalised, and the loneliness it instilled in her.

Chapter 2: With Everyone[edit | edit source]

Ichika thinks back to when she visited Saki whilst she was hospitalised and how lonely she seemed. Saki, on her way home from her part-time job, happens to see a flyer advertising an Astronomical Observatory.

Chapter 3: Bass over Stars[edit | edit source]

Leo/need discuss the Astronomical Observatory that Saki suggests they visit, and Luka expresses her concerns over Saki potentially pushing herself too much to Shiho.

Chapter 4: Until The D-Day[edit | edit source]

With Leo/need's plans to visit the Astronomical Observatory together fast approaching, Saki finds herself working up a fever but continues to push herself nonetheless.

Chapter 5: Any Time, They Say[edit | edit source]

Honami notices that Saki is red in the face during practice, and upon checking her temperature she realises the latter is sick. Shiho gets upset with Saki for not prioritising her own health.

Chapter 6: Rain and Dusk[edit | edit source]

Saki visits the Sekai whilst bedridden with her fever and talks with Luka. Leo/need goes to visit Saki's home and Ichika comments on how Saki was more lonely than they thought.

Chapter 7: Let's Continue Slowly[edit | edit source]

Upon finding Saki's room empty, Leo/need go to the Sekai in hopes of finding her. Saki confides in Luka about her fears of loneliness and wanting to spend more time with everyone.

Chapter 8: Our Starry Sky[edit | edit source]

Upon recovering, Saki and the rest of Leo/need set up their own planetarium on the rooftop in their Sekai. Saki puts her anxieties of being left behind to rest.

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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