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Imprisoned Marionette/Story

From Sekaipedia
Imprisoned Marionette
RomajiToraware no marionetto
Story Information
Key unit
  • 25-ji, Nightcord de.
Unit involved
  • Leo/need
Translation Information

Chapters[edit | edit source]

Image Chapter Title Featured characters
What I Feel
The Tickets
I Want to Know More
Marionette In A Cage
Disgusted Towards The Same
Dreaming Doll
I Hate It, I'm Hurt
I'm Not Sure Yet, But

Summaries[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1: What I Feel[edit | edit source]

Kanade finishes her latest demo song, though she doesn't feel it can save Mafuyu. She joins the Nightcord call with the other members of 25-ji, Nightcord de. and sends them the demo, which Ena and Mizuki are impressed by. Mafuyu says she doesn't like it, but doesn't dislike it, either, and logs off. Ena expresses her frustration with Mafuyu's lack of emotion and hard-to-read personality. Kanade internally agrees, thinking that if she doesn't know Mafuyu, she can't write a song to save her.

Chapter 2: The Tickets[edit | edit source]

Kanade laments to herself that she doesn't really know how to save Mafuyu with her music, but she's determined to fulfill it. Honami arrives at her home to clean, and they chat over tea. Kanade confides in Honami, and she encourages her to spend more time with Mafuyu to try to understand her better. Before she leaves, Honami gifts Kanade with complimentary tickets to a puppet exhibition at the museum.

Chapter 3: I Want to Know More[edit | edit source]

Ena sends Kanade some rough illustrations, and Mafuyu sends her a draft of lyrics for the new song. Kanade is impressed by both, though she notices that she doesn't see Mafuyu's emotions come through her lyrics like they used to.

Mizuki and Ena chat about never leaving the house, to which Kanade offers Mizuki the tickets to the puppet exhibition. Mizuki insists they all go, and as each of the two tickets is valid for two people, they all agree to go together.

Mafuyu lets her mother know that she won't return until late due to the museum trip. Her mother critiques the puppet exhibit, saying paintings would do her better.

Chapter 4: Marionette In A Cage[edit | edit source]

The four meet up and arrive at the museum. Mizuki and Ena walk around together, admiring the artistry behind the dolls. Kanade walks with Mafuyu, attempting to make conversation, but Mafuyu doesn't reciprocate. Mafuyu splits off from the group to find the washroom, where just outside, a marionette puppet is displayed.

When Mafuyu doesn't return, Kanade goes looking for her, and finds her having a panic attack.

Chapter 5: Disgusted Towards The Same[edit | edit source]

Mafuyu tells Kanade the marionette makes her feel sick. Mizuki and Ena appear, and after a short while, Mafuyu calms down. Kanade asks Mafuyu if she felt something when she looked at the doll, which Mafuyu can't answer. Mizuki suggests they head home so Mafuyu can recover.

Kanade is frustrated that she couldn't figure out Mafuyu's feelings, even given her strong reaction. She travels to the Uninhabited SEKAI to talk with Miku, and she finds her playing cat's cradle, a game she says Mizuki taught her. Kanade confides in Miku, and Miku tells her that perhaps the marionette is similar to Mafuyu.

Chapter 6: Dreaming Doll[edit | edit source]

Mafuyu has a dream where she is a marionette, unable to move as Mizuki, Ena, and Kanade look at her. Kanade implores her to tell her how she's feeling, and Mafuyu wakes up. Kanade sits in the Nightcord call, asking her the same question. Mafuyu explains that she feels detached from life, with no pleasure and joy, and she has no idea how to put it into words. Kanade suggests that she puts her thoughts into lyrics.

Chapter 7: I Hate It, I'm Hurt[edit | edit source]

Kanade repeats what Miku said - perhaps she sees herself in the marionette. Mafuyu hesitantly agrees to write the lyrics.

Mafuyu visits Miku in SEKAI. She insists that her feelings are painful and useless, and Miku tells her that even so, they're a necessary part of her. Mafuyu notices a marionette without strings, and Miku playing cat's cradle. She tells Mafuyu that she cut the strings from the marionette, and that those strings can be used to control the puppet, or to create something new.

The other members wait for Mafuyu in a Nightcord call. Mizuki is reminded of how demanding Mafuyu's mother is, and how she must feel under her mother's control, like the marionette. Mafuyu arrives in the call and announces that she's finished with her lyrics.

Chapter 8: I'm Not Sure Yet, But[edit | edit source]

The others praise Mafuyu for her lyrics, which express a side of her they've never seen. Kanade asks to turn the lyrics into a song, and the others agree.

A week later, the song is finished. Ena and Mizuki love it. Mafuyu says it makes her feel pain, but it's duller than it was before. Kanade tells her that despite her not believing she can feel happiness, she can. Mizuki encourages her to be more open and honest with her feelings, like in her lyrics, and Mafuyu promises to try.

The next day, Mafuyu gives her honest thoughts on one of Ena's drawings, insulting and complimenting it, which annoys and pleases Ena and Mizuki. Kanade says she's enjoying herself, and Mafuyu admits that she thinks she is, too.

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