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My Footprints, Your Destination/Story

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My Footprints, Your Destination
Japaneseボクのあしあと キミのゆくさき
RomajiBoku no Ashiato Kimi no Yukusaki
Story Information
Key unit
  • 25-ji, Nightcord de.
Unit involved
  • Vivid BAD SQUAD
Translation Information

Chapters[edit | edit source]

Image Chapter Title Featured characters
The Distance Between Us
A Chance Meeting
Stop Thinking
A Slight Distortion
Please, With Those Eyes of Yours...
If Everyone Just...
The Lie I Told You

Summaries[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1: The Distance Between Us[edit | edit source]

The Niigo members have just finished their new project and are ready to upload it. On the following morning, Mizuki is surprised by how the song got so many views in just one night. At the same time, Ena texts Mizuki about their latest song. Ena then invites Mizuki, together with the other Niigo members, to celebrate the occasion. Mizuki is impressed by how the Niigo members were able to take a step forward, but is also left wondering when they will too...

Chapter 2: A Chance Meeting[edit | edit source]

The party is held at a restaurant. Mafuyu is not hungry, so she orders something different from what Kanade got. This surprises Ena, because in the past, Mafuyu would order the same as Kanade. On the way home, they meet the Vivid BAD SQUAD members. Since An is in the same class as Mizuki, Ena asks An about how Mizuki is in the class. This makes Mizuki worried about An's answer, however, An says that Mizuki is the best student in the class.

Chapter 3: Stop Thinking[edit | edit source]

Mizuki worries about what will happen if the Niigo members learn Mizuki's secret. They think that it is not good to tell them because of a ridicule Mizuki received in the past. When it is time to log onto Nightcord, Mizuki doesn't feel like meeting with the Niigo members. Due to worrying, Mizuki doesn't get sleep until the next morning.

Chapter 4: A Slight Distortion[edit | edit source]

The next day on Nightcord, Mizuki invites the Niigo members to go to a new shop in front of the station at Sunday, but everyone is unable to accompany Mizuki. However, Ena is still willing to accompany Mizuki some other time. The next day, the Niigo members go to the Empty SEKAI to ask Miku, Luka, and MEIKO's opinion about their new song project. Ena accidentally hears MEIKO and Luka talking about Mizuki, and grows curious.

Chapter 5: Cracks[edit | edit source]

Ena is worried about Mizuki, so she cancels her plan on Sunday and chooses to accompany Mizuki. Before they go to the new shop, Ena and Mizuki go shopping first. Since Mizuki took a long time choosing a dress, Ena left to go to the bathroom. When she comes back, Mizuki looks like they are in a lot of pain. Ena asks Mizuki to tell her the truth, but instead, Mizuki runs away. Ena is confused and decides to go back home. At home, Ena remembers that MEIKO and Luka were talking about Mizuki.

Chapter 6: Please, With Those Eyes of Yours...[edit | edit source]

Ena goes to the Empty SEKAI to talk to MEIKO, and she thinks that she can find an answer there. But, MEIKO refuses to answer Ena's question about Mizuki's condition because she thinks it is not good to intervene. After some talking, MEIKO thinks that Ena is what Mizuki needs, so she tells Ena to watch over Mizuki, and then maybe Mizuki will have the strength to go forward.

Chapter 7: If Everyone Just...[edit | edit source]

After class, Mizuki goes to the school's rooftop to calm down. Mizuki keeps thinking what would happen if Mizuki just tells all Niigo members the truth. But past trauma keeps haunt Mizuki, and while calming down, Ena suddenly shows up on the rooftop. Ena has been looking for Mizuki anywhere, but thanks to An, Ena knew where Mizuki was. Ena thinks she should tell Mizuki something. At that time, Mizuki afraid Ena knows the secret.

Chapter 8: The Lie I Told You[edit | edit source]

Ena thought that there was something troubling Mizuki. Ena asks Mizuki to tell her anything that is weighing on Mizuki's mind, but Ena doesn't force Mizuki. Ena says that she will keep waiting until Mizuki is ready to tell the truth to Ena. However, Mizuki is still afraid of what will happen if Ena knows the truth, so Mizuki keeps their secret.

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