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Main Story/Vivid BAD SQUAD

From Sekaipedia
Vivid BAD SQUAD Main Story
Japaneseメインストーリー - Vivid BAD SQUAD
RomajiMein Sutoorii - Vivid BAD SQUAD
Story Information
Chapters21 (Opening + 20 Chapters)
Translation Information

Chapters[edit | edit source]

Image Chapter Title Featured characters
Graffiti Everywhere
The Most Heart-Pounding Song
Weekend Garage
Street SEKAI
Mysterious Cafe
Best Place to Practice
I Want to Believe
First Ever Event
Resolve in Question
The Courage I Need
I Refuse to Run Away!
Are You Serious?
A Helping Hand
The Third
Len, MEIKO, and the Reserve Member
Ready Steady

Summaries[edit | edit source]

Opening[edit | edit source]

In junior high, Shiraishi An witnesses RAD WEEKEND, a music event put on by her father, Ken, and his colleagues. The event is explosive, and An resolves then and there to do an event someday that will surpass RAD WEEKEND.

Some years later, An works in her father's cafe, WEEKEND GARAGE. She struggles to find collaborators, as every time she tells someone she aims to surpass RAD WEEKEND, they tell her it's impossible. After the cafe hours end, she heads out to sing on the street. As people gather round, Azusawa Kohane passes by, impressed by her skill and bravery.

When her performance ends, An checks her phone and notices a song she's never seen before downloaded on her phone, labelled "Untitled". When she presses it, both she and Kohane are abruptly transported to the Street SEKAI. There, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, and MEIKO enthusiastically greet them, explaining that they're in a world created from their true feelings. They ask if the two have any dreams in mind. Kohane doesn't, but An jumps at the chance to talk about RAD WEEKEND. Kohane is impressed, but before they can talk further, they're transported out of SEKAI.

An wakes up in WEEKEND GARAGE and Kohane in her bedroom, only half-remembering SEKAI.

Chapter 1: Graffiti Everywhere[edit | edit source]

At school, Kohane tries to solve a math problem, but her voice is too quiet to be heard. Her classmate, Hanasato Minori, tries to cheer her up.

After school, Kohane heads to the music store to buy a CD for her mother, but an employee informs her that they're sold out, directing her to another location. Kohane hesitantly goes, but after obtaining the CD, her phone dies and she realizes she's lost.

Too shy to ask for directions, she wanders, ending up on Vivid Street. She wanders into WEEKEND GARAGE, where An is performing with some of her dad's friends. Kohane is dazzled yet again, but when An notices her, she runs out of the cafe.

Chapter 2: The Most Heart-Pounding Song[edit | edit source]

Back at home, a starstruck Kohane tries to find the song An was singing. While she searches, a hologram of Miku appears from her phone, urging her to visit her world. Kohane is confused, but brushes it off, and after finally finding the song, she practices singing it through the night.

In class, Kohane hums the song to herself, which sparks a conversation with Minori about how wonderful live music is. Kohane recalls how excited she was at An's performance, and resolves to find WEEKEND GARAGE again to see it once more.

She nervously walks to WEEKEND GARAGE and enters, immediately being recognized by An.

In SEKAI, Miku happily waits, knowing they'll visit SEKAI again soon.

Chapter 3: Weekend Garage[edit | edit source]

An and Kohane are left alone in the cafe, and they introduce themselves. Kohane tells her how much she loved her performance, and An happily sings for her again. Kohane is impressed, and starts humming parts of the song, telling An how much she liked them. An asks her if she sings, and insists she give it a try. When she does, An is blown away by her skill, and immediately asks her to team up with her.

Chapter 4: BAD DOGS[edit | edit source]

Shinonome Akito and Aoyagi Toya wrap up a performance in a live house, leaving the audience impressed. A local musician mentions how they've been in events every week, which Akito replies is necessary to fulfill their goal of surpassing RAD WEEKEND. The musician mentions how An has the same goal, and Akito says he'd team up with her, but only if she's really serious.

Kohane is shocked at An's offer to team up, but An insists that despite her stage fright, she's incredibly skilled. She talks about RAD WEEKEND, and the excitement she felt then - the same excitement Kohane felt when hearing An sing. She accepts An's offer.

Akito and Toya arrive at WEEKEND GARAGE, greeted warmly by An, who recognizes them as regular customers. Akito politely introduces himself and Toya to Kohane, and An introduces Kohane as her new partner. Akito asks what events she's been in, to which she admits she's never done one before. Akito suggest they give it a shot.

Chapter 5: Street SEKAI[edit | edit source]

Akito offers them a slot at a event, which they accept. As Akito and Toya leave, Toya questions Akito's motives. Akito explains that he despises Kohane and An, and that they'll never surpass RAD WEEKEND with their lack of conviction. He plans to give them a reality check by giving a performance that's leagues better than theirs. Toya is hesitant, but stays silent.

An and Kohane rehearse for the event when Kohane finds a song labelled "Untitled" on her phone. Curious, she plays it, and she and An are transported again to Street SEKAI. They enter the Crase Cafe, and are greeted by Miku.

Chapter 6: Mysterious Cafe[edit | edit source]

An and Kohane realize their first trip to SEKAI wasn't a dream, and MEIKO explains that the "Untitled" track connects the two worlds - playing it brings you to SEKAI, and stopping it brings you back to the real world. Len arrives and mentions that the Street SEKAI was created by four people, not two. An suddenly realizes that they left WEEKEND GARAGE empty, and they hurry back to the real world. Len is disappointed, but decides to go visit the other two creators of the SEKAI.

Chapter 7: Best Place to Practice[edit | edit source]

An and Kohane head home for the day, agreeing to practice again. The next day, An brings Kohane to their practice spot, a public street corner. Kohane is nervous, but An begins singing, telling her to join in whenever she feels like it. Toya stops to listen, recalling Akito's words about giving a half-hearted effort.

Toya arrives at the live house for an event with Akito, where Akito complains again about An and Kohane's weak efforts to surpass RAD WEEKEND. Toya remains quiet.

Chapter 8: I Want to Believe[edit | edit source]

Akito and Toya crush their performance, and the crowd mentions An as the only one who might be able to touch them in terms of skill. A local musician is annoyed by this, thinking An is simply riding Ken's coattails, and Akito assures him that their rude awakening is coming.

Len appears as a hologram from a phone, but the phone is in a bag. He overhears the names of the last two creators of the SEKAI - Akito and Toya.

As Kohane heads home from WEEKEND GARAGE the next day, she passes Toya, who asks her if she's serious about surpassing RAD WEEKEND. Kohane replies that she might not be competely serious about RAD WEEKEND, but she is serious about singing with An.

On the day of the event, Kohane shows up in a new outfit. Akito and Toya greet her and An, and Akito again expresses his irritation as they walk away. Before they follow, Toya asks to speak to Akito.

Chapter 9: First Ever Event[edit | edit source]

Toya tells Akito that he thinks An and Kohane are serious about RAD WEEKEND. Akito says that if Toya thinks so, he'll give them a chance. Backstage, the musician Akito and Toya talked to gets ready to give unknown "support".

An and Kohane take to the stage as "Vivids". An begins the song confidently, and Kohane joins in. Backstage, the musician pulls out a cable, and the sound cuts out. An tries to salvage the performance, singing without the music, but Kohane's throat closes up and she can't sing with her.

Outside the venue, An apologizes to Kohane. They hear arguing around the corner, and encounter Akito and Toya confronting the musician. The musician admits the sound system was sabotaged, which shocks An and Kohane.

Chapter 10: Resolve in Question[edit | edit source]

An grows angry with Akito, believing the sound system failure was his fault. Akito takes the blame for the incident, telling them what he really thinks about their lack of conviction and insulting Kohane for not being able to continue the song as An did. Toya yells at him to stop, but Kohane runs away, and An chases after her.

Kohane cries alone in her room, ignoring An's texts. She travels to Street SEKAI, hoping for some consolation.

Chapter 11: The Courage I Need[edit | edit source]

MEIKO gives Kohane a warm drink, while Len consoles her. They assure her that Akito was wrong - she is serious about singing, and if she wasn't, she wouldn't be so upset. Miku assures her that she should hold onto her dream, no matter what other people say about it. Kohane admits that her true feelings are that she wants to sing with An, and leaves to go tell her just that.

An sits in WEEKEND GARAGE, worried about Kohane. Just as she gets up to go find her, Kohane arrives in the cafe.

Chapter 12: I Refuse to Run Away![edit | edit source]

Kohane has cut her hair and traded her glasses for contacts, and she tells An about her feelings. An happily accepts her. Akito and Toya arrive, and when Akito starts to tease her, Kohane stands up for herself, informing him that they'll be participating in more events. When Akito threatens them, Kohane doesn't back down, insisting that they have the resolve. Toya quietly invites them to perform at their next event, looking forward to their performance.

Akito storms out of the cafe, complaining. Toya again stays quiet.

Chapter 13: Vivids![edit | edit source]

Toya returns home. His father confronts him, berating him for staying out late and wasting his time playing street music with Akito. Toya insists that he'll never play classical music again, and that Akito has nothing to do with it. As he goes to his bedroom, he thinks about how he lacks resolve, just like Akito hates.

On the day of the event, the BAD DOGS put on a powerful performance, but An and Kohane aren't ready to back down. Their performance stuns the audience, and Akito finally realizes that he was wrong, and Vivids are just as serious as him. Toya, meanwhile, realizes just how different he is from Akito, An, and Kohane.

After the event, Akito apologizes to and congratulates An and Kohane. As they leave, Toya tells Akito that he can't perform with him anymore.

Chapter 14: Are You Serious?[edit | edit source]

Toya provokes Akito, telling him he doesn't care about garbage music or a meaningless event. Akito grabs and punches him in the face, telling him to never show his face on Vivid Street again. Toya quietly leaves.

An and Kohane arrive in SEKAI to tell MEIKO, Miku, and Len about their performance. Len mentions that Akito and Toya are the other two creators of the SEKAI, stopping An and Kohane in their tracks.

Akito bitterly reflects on when he first found Toya singing on a street corner and invited him to team up.

The next day, Kohane arrives at WEEKEND GARAGE, finding Akito in a bad mood. Kohane worries that something happened between him and Toya.

Chapter 15: A Helping Hand[edit | edit source]

Kohane runs into Toya at the CD store. She asks him about Akito, but he vaguely responds before leaving. An arrives and Kohane worries, before the musician who sabotaged their performance appears. He admits that the sabotage was his fault and not Akito's, making An reconsider.

At school, An brings Toya to talk to Kohane, who asks him again about Akito.

Chapter 16: The Third[edit | edit source]

When Toya says he's no longer singing with Akito, Kohane questions him, telling him that he looks like he has fun singing, and that, like her, he must enjoy singing with a partner. He excuses himself and leaves, but Kohane isn't ready to give up.

Akito performs alone at an event. Afterward, he finds a song labelled "Untitled" on his phone and plays it, being transported to SEKAI. Len finds him and happily drags him to the Crase Cafe. The VIRTUAL SINGERS explain SEKAI, and MEIKO convinces him to sit down and talk with them.

Toya walks into WEEKEND GARAGE, announcing his intention to say goodbye to Ken.

Chapter 17: Len, MEIKO, and the Reserve Member[edit | edit source]

Akito explains his rift with Toya, and Len likens it to his relationship with Kagamine Rin, empathizing with how lonely Akito must feel. MEIKO pours Akito a drink in a whiskey glass, which he and Len balk at. Upon closer inspection, Akito sees it's oolong tea, not alcohol, and MEIKO advises him that what Toya tells him might not be what he truly feels. Akito receives a call from Ken, telling him that Toya is at WEEKEND GARAGE, and he leaves immediately.

Toya tells Ken, An, and Kohane that since he's quit BAD DOGS, he has no reason to come to Vivid Street anymore.

Chapter 18: Distinction[edit | edit source]

Toya confides in Ken, An, and Kohane that as a child, he wasn't allowed to play with his friends, instead forced by his father to learn and perfect classical music pieces. He grew to hate music, and started performing street music to make his father angry. He believes that he's not truly committed to music as Akito is, and if he stays with him, he'll hold him back from achieving his dream.

Just before he leaves, Akito bursts through the door, out of breath.

Chapter 19: Ready Steady[edit | edit source]

Akito heard everything Toya said through Ken's phone. He tells Toya that he doesn't care that he only started street music to anger his father, that he knows Toya loves music, and that he only got as far as he has thanks to Toya's belief in him. Toya admits that all he really wants is to sing with Akito, and Akito assures him that he should quit overthinking and just do it. Toya agrees to team up with Akito again, and work toward his dream of RAD WEEKEND.

Their phones all flash, and they're abruptly transported to SEKAI.

Chapter 20: Vivid BAD SQUAD[edit | edit source]

Akito thanks MEIKO, Miku, and Len for their help. Kohane realizes that the feelings that make up the SEKAI is their shared dream of surpassing RAD WEEKEND. Miku informs them that now, the four of them can sing Untitled, a song that was inside of them all along, made up of their true feelings.

They sing a new song together with Miku, turning Untitled into Ready Steady.

The next day, An proposes that Vivids and BAD DOGS team up for the next event. Akito shares the same thought, that teaming up can get them even closer to RAD WEEKEND. An proposes the name "Vivid BAD", a combination of both group names, and Kohane proposes they add "SQUAD" to make Vivid BAD SQUAD.

In SEKAI, Miku wishes they could all sing together again soon.

Story movie[edit | edit source]

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