Children Record

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Children Record
RomajiChirudoren Rekoodo
EnglishChildren Record
Song Information
Original singers
  • IA
  • Hatsune Miku (Re:boot ver.)
  • Jin
In-game Information
Song ID136
  • Vivid BAD SQUAD
How to unlockMusic Shop
  • Jin
  • Jin
  • Jin
Duration (game)2:08
Release date2021/08/23
Music Video

Children Record (チルドレンレコード) is a song by Jin featuring IA. It is covered by the unit Vivid BAD SQUAD, and currently has 4 song versions in the game. This song became playable on August 23, 2021 as a part of the Kagerou Project collaboration. Players can unlock this song by purchasing it in the Music Shop (shop) with 10 song cards.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Japanese lyricsRomanized lyricsEnglish translation
白いイヤホンを耳にあて 少しニヤッとして合図する
染み込んだこの温度が ドアをノックした瞬間に 溢れそうになるよ
「まだ視えない?」 目を凝らして臨む争奪戦
あの日躊躇した脳裏から 「今だ、取り戻せ」とコードが鳴り出しそう
shiroi iyahon wo mimi ni ate sukoshi niyatto shite aizu suru
shimikonda kono ondo ga doa wo nokku shita shunkan ni afuresou ni naru yo
"mada mienai?" me wo korashite nozomu soudatsusen
ano hi chuucho shita nouri kara "ima da, torimodose" to koodo ga naridashisou
With white earphones in my ears, I give the signal with a little grin.
The moment I knocked on the door, the heat permeating me floods out
"You still don't see?" A staring contest with strained eyes
When I faltered then, the chord rang out: "Now's the time, take it back!", as if from inside my mind
itoshikute, tsurakute, sekai wo kiratta hito no
hidoku rifujin na "kousei"
koutei shite icha mirai wa umidasenai
The world so lovable yet harsh, there were some who loathed it,
With their cruelly irrational "system";
If I approve, then the future won't exist
少年少女前を向く 暮れる炎天さえ希望論だって
想像力の外側の世界へ オーバーな空想戦線へ
shounen shoujo mae wo muku kureru enten sae kibouron datte
"tsuremodose" "tsuremodose"
mikazuki ga akaku moeagaru
saa saa, koodo wo zero de kizame
souzouryoku no sotogawa no sekai e oobaa na kuusou sensen e
Boys and girls, face forwards, finding hope in even the unbearable heat
"Bring it back!" "Bring it back!"
The crescent moon rises in red flames
Now, come, write the code in 0's;
Head to the world outside the imaginary, to the overstated warfront of fantasy
少年少女、前を向く 揺れる炎天すら希望論だって
思い出し、口に出す 不可思議な出会いと別れを
「ねぇねぇ、突飛な世界のこと 散々だって笑い飛ばせたんだ」
shounen shoujo, mae wo muku yureru enten sura kibouron datte
omoidashi, kuchi ni dasu fukashigi na deai to wakare wo
"nee nee, toppi na sekai no koto sanzan datte waraitobasetanda"
aizu ga owaru
Boys and girls, face forwards, finding hope in only the shimmering heat
Recall, and bring to words, your miraculous encounters and farewells
"You know, about that wild world; I laughed it off as being just too harsh..."
So ends the signal
少年少女前を向け 眩む炎天すら希望論だって
「ツカミトレ」「ツカミトレ」と 太陽が赤く燃え上がる
さぁさぁ、コールだ。最後にしよう 最善策はその目を見開いた
オーバーな妄想戦線 感情性のメビウスの先へ
shounen shoujo mae wo muke kuramu enten sura kibouron datte
"tsukamitore" "tsukamitore" to taiyou ga akaku moeagaru
saa saa, kooru da. saigo no shiyou saizensaku wa sono me wo mihiraita
oobaa na mousou sensen kanjousei no mebiusu no saki e
Boys and girls, face forwards! Find hope in only the dizzying heat!
"Take it in hand!" "Take it in hand!" The blazing sun rises in red flames
Now, come, it's the call. Let's make this the end; the best plan of action has opened your eyes
From the overstated warfront of daydream, to beyond a mobius strip of emotion
Translation by vgperson

Versions[edit | edit source]

Version Sung by Audio
SEKAIKagamine Len, Azusawa Kohane, Shiraishi An, Shinonome Akito and Aoyagi Toya
Another VocalAzusawa Kohane and Shinonome Akito
Another VocalShiraishi An and Aoyagi Toya

Videos[edit | edit source]

Hard Preview
Release date
Release date

Update history[edit | edit source]

March 29, 2022

  • Master difficulty changed from 31 to 32.

August 23, 2021

  • Added to the game.

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