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Hoshino Ichika
RomajiHoshino Ichika
EnglishIchika Hoshino
BirthdayAugust 11
Height162 cm
SchoolMiyamasuzaka Girls Academy (Class 2-A)
  • Listening to Miku songs
  • Admiring her cactus plant
  • Peeling apples
  • Loud/scary theme park attractions
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"I wonder if every day will just be the same as always..."
―Hoshino Ichika (Original)

"Just like Miku, I want to connect everyone!"
―Hoshino Ichika (Brand New World)

Hoshino Ichika (星乃 一歌) is a second-year student at Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy. She's the guitarist of Leo/need.

Ichika is childhood friends with her fellow band members.

Character Bio[edit | edit source]

"Leo/need's vocalist and guitarist. Seems aloof at first glance, but is friendly and caring when you get to know her. She's known Saki, Honami, and Shiho since they were little, but a certain event drove a wedge between them. Ichika loves listening to Miku songs."

Background[edit | edit source]

Ever since she was a little child, she loved Hatsune Miku. Ichika would often sing Miku's songs while playing on the guitar she got from her father.

Ichika used to be childhood friends with Tenma Saki, Mochizuki Honami and Hinomori Shiho. Because of an incident, her relationships with Honami and Shiho became strained.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ichika has blue eyes and long straight black hair, which is worn loose and a bit messy.

Original[edit | edit source]

Her band uniform consisted of a white sleeveless blouse with a leather strap on her right shoulder attached to a black pleated skirt with blue accents, along with a blue jacket wrapped around her waist. She also wore a single black glove on her right hand, with a red, white, and black tie wrapped on her wrist, a pair of leather straps on her right thigh, and black mid-calf boots with black socks.

Ichika's casual outfit consisted of a light gray hoodie jacket which had a darker textbox in the middle spelling "CHarGe", it was layered over a red and black plaid blouse, under which she had black denim pants, and black and white sneakers.

Her school outfit was the standard Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy uniform, a long sleeve light gray tailor uniform with a red neckerchief.

Brand New World[edit | edit source]

Ichika has two outfits as of Brand New World.

Her band uniform consists of a white blouse under a grey jacket with blue accents and a metal star charm. She wears a black skirt with blue accents, and a red, white, and black striped tie. She also wears two belt straps on her left leg, and black combat boots.

Her casual outfit consists of an oversized white t-shirt with a thin red stripe on her chest to the left and a light blue jacket on top, black leggings, and bright blue Converse sneakers.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Although she seems stoic at first, Ichika is a kind and caring girl who is always thinking about her friends. According to Honami, she can't always communicate well. She enjoys listening to Hatsune Miku songs and taking care of cacti.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Tenma Saki: One of Ichika's childhood friends, fellow bandmate and classmate in Ichika's first year. Ichika was always there for Saki even when she was hospitalised for long periods of time. The two reformed their band with Honami and Shiho together, after Saki's return. Ichika is glad to see Saki always having fun.
  • Mochizuki Honami: One of Ichika's childhood friends, fellow bandmate and classmate in Ichika's second year. Their relationship became strained before Saki's return in the main story, with Honami avoiding Ichika. Their relationship has greatly improved since then and Ichika relies and trusts Honami, whilst Honami feels Ichika has helped her out immensely.
  • Hinomori Shiho: One of Ichika's childhood friends and fellow bandmate. Their relationship became strained before Saki's return in the main story, with Shiho purposefully keeping Ichika at a distance. Their relationship has greatly improved since then and Ichika appreciates Shiho's support and guidance, whilst Shiho is grateful for Ichika and admires her Improvement.
  • Hanasato Minori: Friends, the two sometimes talk about Miku together - being big fans of the VIRTUAL SINGER.
  • Kiritani Haruka: Friends and classmates during Ichika's first year.
  • Hinomori Shizuku: The older sister of Ichika's bandmate Shiho and someone Ichika knew during her childhood.
  • Azusawa Kohane: Friends and classmates during Ichika's second year.
  • Tenma Tsukasa: The older brother of Ichika's bandmate Tenma Saki and someone Ichika knew during her childhood. She finds him a bit loud but seems to appreciate how much he cares for Saki.
  • Kusanagi Nene: Friends - Ichika admires Nene's singing voice and strives to sing like her. Nene gives Ichika vocal lessons, due to Ichika asking her to.
  • Yoisaki Kanade: Friends who initially met each other when reaching out for the same Miku CD in a music store, Ichika later lends said CD to Kanade through Mafuyu. Kanade helps Ichika with music composition.
  • Asahina Mafuyu: Ichika's upperclassman who she greatly admires - the two were fellow class representatives during Ichika's first year. Ichika lends a Miku CD to Kanade through Mafuyu.
  • Shinonome Ena: Friends who met whilst Ichika was singing outside the station at Scramble Crossing. Ichika likes the illustrations Ena makes for her groups music videos.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ichika is one of the five group leaders in the game.
  • Ichika is commonly used as the face for the game.
  • Ichika was involved in an advertising campaign for Pocari Sweat, a sports drink brand, and appears in the web movies "Nechusho No!No!" and "Tokyo Supply Girl".
  • She is a big fan of yakisoba buns, and many interactions with other characters have them surprised of her love of them.
  • According to Area Conversation (18), Ichika inherited her guitar from her dad, who was also a musician in his past.

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